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#AnneFrank Parallel Stories is a powerful retelling of Anne Frank's life through the pages of her extraordinary diary guided by the Academy-Award winning actress Helen Mirren, and through the lives of five women who, as young girls, were also deported to concentration camps but survived the Holocaust.

As a dedication to what would have been her 90th anniversary --and in cooperation with the Anne Frank Foundation -- the documentary takes audiences into Anne's room within the secret annex of her family's hiding place before being deported, and through read excerpts of her diary intertwined with the experiences of the survivors who lived to tell their own parallel stories.

If you are interested in arranging a school student screening to see Anne Frank: Parallel Stories please contact info@byexperience.net if you are based in the US or hello@cinevents.co.uk if you are a school in the UK or Ireland.

DIRECTED BYSabina Fedeli
Anna Migotto

FEATURINGThe Academy Award® Winner Helen Mirren

Arianna Szörenyi
Sarah Lichtsztejn-Montard
Helga Weiss
Andra and Tatiana Bucci